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Office of Extramural Research


Award Data

  • CRISP (Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects) is a searchable biomedical database of federally-supported proposed research conducted at universities, hospitals, and other research institutions.

Extramural Data and Award Trends

  • Research Grants

    Research Grants are extramural awards made for Research Projects, Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfers (SBIR/STTRs), and Research Centers. Other Research Grants that are not classified as research projects or research centers are also included.
  • Award Trends

    Award Trends are current and long-term (historical) data that cover all NIH awarding components and all other award activities.  Includes Awards by State and Foreign Site and Ranking Tables.   NIH RANKING LIST: Annually, NIH computes data on funding provided by NIH grants, cooperative agreements and contracts to universities, hospitals, and other institutions. The data do not reflect Institutional reorganizations, relocation of research, or changes to award levels made after the date the data are compiled. The Ranking Tables simply reflect the number and amount of awards made to each Institution; therefore, they should not be interpreted as conveying any other meaning or measurement.
  • Success Rates

    Success rates indicate the percentage of reviewed Research Project Grant applications that receive funding.  This is computed on a fiscal year basis.  Dividing the number of competing applications funded by the total number of competing applications reviewed determines success rates.   Applications that have one or more amendments in the same fiscal year are only counted once.  Success rates for all activities are included.
  • Training and Career Awards

    Training and Career Awards support scientists in biomedical and behavioral sciences, and help professional schools establish, expand, or improve programs of continuing professional education. This section consists of institutional training grants (T), individual fellowships (F) and Research Career Awards (K).
  • Requests For Sensitive, Personal Data  submitted on NIH grant applications (MS Word)

  • Glossary of terms used in Extramural Data and Award Trends
  • Index  of Tables, Charts, and Lists
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