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Laboratory Metrology
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2004/2005 Laboratory Metrology Training Offered by NIST/W&M
Metrology Training in Spanish at CENAM (Mexico)
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Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Standards
Balance and Scale Uncertainties NISTIR 6919 
Selected Laboratory & Measurement Practices NISTIR 6969 
Round Robin (Interlaboratory Comparison, ILC) Tools
Laboratory Quality Systems (Quality Manual, ISO 17025 Training Materials)
International Committee of Weights and Measures (CIPM) 81/91 Air Density Executable File availble in a .zip format*
Excel Spreadsheet for 3-1 Designs
Checklist for Control Chart Review
Development of a CD-ROM Metrology Course Paper

*This is an executable file. On request, we can provide a copy of the paper on which the equations are based, but not the source code itself.

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105-1, Class F Weights and Mass Standards
105-2, Glass Flasks
105-3, Graduated Neck-Type Volumetric Test Measures and Provers
105-4, Liquified Petroleum Gas Type Provers
105-5, Stopwatches
105-6, Thermometers
105-7, Dynamic Small Volume Provers
105-8, Field Standard Weight Carts
Publications/Standards Drafts for Review
105-3, Graduated Neck-Type Volumetric Test Measures and Provers (2004 Draft for Review)
105-4, Liquidfied Petroleum Gas Type Provers
105-8 Weight Cart - Developmental Materials

**We are reviewing the 105-series handbooks during 2002. Please download and use the Comment Form (in MS Word) to submit comments. Be sure to provide alternative wording when you suggest changes to a document.

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Laboratory Metrology News

New - Proficiency Testing Plan
A new NISTIR 7082 on "Proficiency Test Policy and Plan (for State Weights & Measures Laboratories)" has been approved for publication and will be one of several documents as part of developing a quality system for the operation of proficiency tests by the Weights and Measures Division in cooperation with the Regional Measurement Assurance Program (RMAP) regional metrology groups. A paper by Jeff C. Gust was presented at the 2004 Measurement Science Conference (MSC) on developing a proficiency testing plan as well.
Links to:
- NISTIR 7082
- MSC paper by Jeff Gust (link)

New CD-ROM Course Released
Mass Metrology Course

NIST WMD recently held an open house to kick off the release of a new CD-ROM course on Mass Metrology. Three years in the making, this free multimedia CD-ROM covers NIST’s basic one-week mass metrology courses. It includes interactive activities, knowledge quizzes, examples, video demonstrations, and specialty graphics and photos for specific products. The CD-ROM is designed to introduce mass metrology to newcomers to the field; offer supplementary training for those who have recently attended a metrology course and want to review their knowledge before entering the laboratory environment; and act as a refresher for long-time laboratory staff unfamiliar with the latest measuring techniques.

To reserve your copy of the CD-ROM course, send your name and contact information for our database, and we'll send you a free copy. or at the address listed below.

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