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The National Institute of Standards and Technology develops technologies, measurement methods and standards that help U.S. companies compete in the global marketplace. Congress created NIST in 1901 at the start of the industrial revolution to provide the measurement and standards needed to resolve and prevent disputes over trade and to encourage standardization. That's why you can have confidence that a gallon of milk contains one gallon and that the electric meter at your house accurately gauges how much electricity you use.

Today NIST continues to develop measurements and standards needed by industry, and also develops technologies that help our nation remain prosperous. Companies can apply for co-funding to develop innovative new technologies. NIST also helps manufacturers improve their productivity through a nationwide network of assistance centers. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is another way NIST promotes organizational performance excellence. To learn more, check out the links listed below.

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 NIST in Your House -- shows where NIST has an unseen role  Metric information
 NIST and Your City -- gives the NIST connection to many components of society
 Visitor information
 Taking America's Measure--enjoy fun activities for kids  How to get to NIST, Gaithersburg, Md.
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 NIST virtual museum  Photo gallery of NIST projects
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 A Walk Through Time - the evolution of time measurement    

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