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Headline Archives

Way More Than a Job


Employment graphic. Link to fbijobs.comIt's got it all:

• The excitement of chasing terrorists, spies, and criminals--at home and abroad.
• The stimulation of being asked to think, to analyze, to solve.
• The comfort of belonging to a pretty small "family" government agency, with excellent benefits.
• The very real satisfactions of public service--just talk to anyone who works here.

And now it's got one more thing:

  • Lots of vacancies.

Why? Because we are expanding to respond to 21st century threats.

How many vacancies? This coming year, we anticipate bringing on board:

  • 978 Special Agents.
  • 1,164 Professionals.

Both with specific skills in:

  • foreign languages (especially Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and specialized dialects)
  • intelligence analysis
  • computer science and information technology
  • engineering
  • accounting/finance
  • law enforcement/investigations
  • science.

Do you have these skills...are you a U.S. citizen...and do you meet the basic qualifications?

We invite you to return regularly in the days ahead as we conduct short interviews with agents and professionals in the field with these you can get a sense from them if you just might have a calling here.

Stay tuned. And, in the meantime, go to to browse background information and current postings. This might, after all, be the place to make your dreams come true.

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