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Organized Crime

The Organized Crime Program of the Denver Division investigates the activities of Organized Crime in two broad programs: 1) Russian and Eastern European Criminal Enterprises, and 2) Asian Criminal Enterprises, including activities of Asian gangs. The Special Agents who work in these programs concentrate their efforts in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Fort Collins. These Agents use a wide range of investigative techniques, but emphasize the use of informants and the gathering of evidence through court authorized electronic surveillance. In addition, undercover operations can become a useful tool against a range of Organized Criminal Enterprises.


The proliferation of drugs is addressed by the Denver Division through working in joint task forces, using the close working relationships with the Denver Police Department, Colorado Springs Police Department, U.S. Customs Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Aurora Police Department, and the Drug Enforcement Administration. The Special Agents who work in the fight against the proliferation of drugs utilize the same sophisticated investigative techniques as utilized in the Organized Crime Program.

HIDTA Seal RMHIDTA - Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

RMHIDTA is a Federally funded program overseen by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

The RMHIDTA covers the three-state region of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

The RMHIDTA currently supports 47 operational Task Forces: 19 in Colorado, 18 in Utah, and 10 in Wyoming. It also supports training and the Investigative Support Center.

The RMHIDTA Mission Statement

The mission statement is to reduce the availability of illicit drugs and drug related violence within the region; defeat the illegal efforts to move drug activity and drug related violence to this region to avoid increased law enforcement efforts in other areas; reduce the amount of drugs moved through this region to other portions of the country; encourage and support serious drug demand reduction and violence prevention programs.

Front Range Task Force (FRTF)

The mission of the Front Range Task Force (FRTF) is to promote a collaborated multi-agency effort to identify, investigate, and dismantle major drug trafficking organizations operating in the Denver metropolitan/Front Range area, with an emphasis on methamphetamines and Southwest border trafficking. Also, to address emerging criminal justice issues as they relate to narcotics trafficking throughout the Front Range region, encouraging maximum cooperation between all law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies, and insuring the safety of both police personnel and the public, accomplished in an efficient manner within constitutional guidelines.

The FRTF was also established to identify and ultimately convict medium to high-level drug traffickers, and to seize assets and proceeds derived from drug trafficking, by using the effective methods of a task force approach.


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