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Investigative Programs

FBI Chicago is comprised of 36 squads which investigate counterintelligence, terrorism, organized crime, drug violations, violent crime, and white collar crime.  Additionally, FBI Chicago is home to the area's Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory. 

Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory

Located in a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in the U.S. Customs Building at 610 S. Canal in Chicago, the FBI Chicago Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory (RCFL) opened in July 2003.  The RCFL is responsible for the forensic examination and analysis of computers and related systems.  The RCFL is comprised of Federal and state investigators from northern Illinois and provides computer forensic services to law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois.  For additional information, please visit

Counter Terrorism

The FBI Chicago Counter Terrorism squads handle both criminal acts of terrorism investigations and sensitive intelligence investigations regarding domestic and international terrorism.  A variety of resources are employed in an effort to prevent catastrophic terrorist incidents from occurring.  Additionally, liaison at the local and national levels, and throughout the international arena, ensures these efforts are coordinated.

The Chicago Terrorist Task Force's (CTTF) mission is to prevent, detect, deter, and investigate attacks perpetrated by domestic and international terrorists in the Northern District of Illinois.  Founded in 1981, the CTTF investigates the activities of both international and domestic terrorist organizations.  The CTTF also investigates all criminal activities, including the acquisition and garnishment of funds, weapons, explosives, false identifications, and other means, undertaken by terrorists to function.

Additionally, the CTTF works with all local, state, and federal agencies, as well as the private sector, to establish appropriate responses to terrorist attacks.  The CTTF is comprised of FBI Agents; Chicago Police Detectives; Illinois State Police Investigators; U.S. Secret Service Agents; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agents; U.S. Customs Service Agents; and Internal Revenue Service Agents.

Cyber Crime

The FBI Chicago Cyber Crime squads investigate computer intrusions, attacks on computer systems and networks, data loss or data manipulations, software copyright violations, Internet fraud, and crimes against children.  The cyber crime email address is:  For additional information regarding the FBI's Cyber Crime program, please visit the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center site.

For information regarding Internet Fraud or to report Internet Fraud, please visit the Internet Fraud Complaint Center site.

To report the sexual exploitation of children, including web sites containing child pornography, please click on the following link:

Drug Crime

The FBI Chicago Drug Crime program investigates drug trafficking of both a domestic and international nature, the laundering of illegal proceeds from drug trafficking, and acts of violence associated with drug trafficking.

Foreign Counterintelligence

The FBI Chicago Foreign Counterintelligence mission is to collect, analyze, and utilize information to identify and neutralize the activities of foreign powers and their agents that could adversely affect U.S. national security through counterintelligence, counter terrorism, and security countermeasures.

Gang Crime

In an effort to combat what many call America's urban terrorists, FBI Chicago formed  three task force squads designed to target some of the many violent street gangs operating in Chicago and the surrounding areas.  Composed of investigators from local, state, and Federal agencies, the Gang Crimes task force is an example of FBI Chicago's commitment to work with local law enforcement to combat some of the area's more serious crime problems. 

Organized Crime

The FBI Chicago Organized Crime program investigates traditional and non-traditional organized groups who conspire to violate federal laws for personal gain.  FBI Chicago also investigates violations of federal labor law statutes, both civil and criminal.

Violent Crime

The Violent Crimes task force is comprised of FBI Agents, Chicago Police Detectives, and Cook County Sheriff's Police investigators.  This task force investigates bank crimes, including robberies, burglaries, and larcenies; kidnappings; extortion; armored carrier robberies; and serial killings, as well as identifies and apprehends violent fugitives.  Fugitives wanted for murder, sexual assault, robbery, drug violations, and other crimes of violence are given the highest priority. 

White Collar Crime

The FBI Chicago White Collar Crime program is divided into the following investigative areas:

Economic Crime investigations, which involve telemarketing fraud, securities and commodities fraud, and investment fraud.

Financial Institution Fraud investigations, which  involve federal crimes against financial institutions and money laundering.  These types of fraud include check kiting schemes, bank embezzlement, counterfeit check schemes, wire transfer frauds, loan frauds, and the bribery of bank officials.

Governmental Fraud investigations, which involve cases of fraud against the government, environmental crime, bankruptcy fraud, and antitrust matters.

Healthcare Fraud investigations, which involve fraud perpetrated against Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies.  These types of fraud include illegal kickbacks, billing for services not rendered, and filing false claims.

FBI Chicago established the Identity Theft task force in February 2003 to aggressively investigate and prosecute one of the fastest-growing crime problems in the nation.  The task force is comprised of investigators from state and federal law enforcement agencies and assisted by financial institutions and credit card issuers.  Chicago residents may report identify theft or obtain information on preventing identity theft by calling the Identify Theft Hotline at (312) 781-4545.  Additional information also is available at

Public Corruption investigations, which involve the corruption of federal, state, and local public officials, including the corruption of law enforcement officers, judiciary and executive department employees, and corrupt administrators and others in government positions of trust.

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