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Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)



    The CRADA is a partnering tool that allows federal laboratories to work with US industries, academia and other organizations on cooperative R&D; projects. The CRADA provides flexibility in structuring project contributions, intellectual property rights, and in protecting proprietary information and CRADA research results.

CRADAs originate with the specific NIST scientist(s) that would be involved in the collaboration. If the NIST scientist(s) agrees that a collaboration would be in the best interests of both parties, a NIST Principal Investigator is designated to work with you in developing a Statement of Work.

The NIST Principal Investigator then prepares an Approval memo, attaching the Statement of Work, and routes it through the laboratory management chain for review and approval. If approved, the memo is forwarded to Office of Technology Partnerships. The CRADA Officer assigned to the particular laboratory you are working with will then contact your company to discuss the CRADA. After agreement is reached on the terms of the CRADA, the responsible CRADA Officer prepares and routes signature copies to your organization and within NIST.

  Examples of Use  

A company is working on a technology similar to a NIST intramural effort. The company views NIST research favorably and wishes to work jointly with NIST on furthering the technology.

NIST is working on a technology useful to many within the industry. NIST publicly announces its desire to form a consortia to develop the technology mutually with interested firms.

    Q. Who can enter into a CRADA with NIST?  
    Q. Are there specific clauses in the CRADA regarding U.S. manufacture?  
    Q. Does a CRADA protect an organization's proprietary information?  
    Q. How does NIST treat the research results of a CRADA?  
    Q. Can a CRADA partner's researcher work at the NIST site?  
  Sample Form  
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    Cooperative Reseach and Development Agreement  
  Point of Contact  
    Office of Technology Partnerships  

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