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2004 Emergency Response Guidebook
U.S. Department of Transportation, Transport Canada , and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of Mexico , 2004
The Emergency Response Guidebook was developed for firefighters, police, and other emergency services personnel who may be the first to arrive at the scene of a transportation incident involving a hazardous material. It offers first responders information to quickly identify the specific or generic classification of the material(s) involved and protect themselves and the public during the initial response phase of the incident.

Agroterrorism: Threats and Preparedness (PDF)
Congressional Research Service, August 13, 2004
This report explores agriculture as a terrorist target, which is increasingly recognized as a national security threat. According to the author, "agroterrorism is a subset of bioterrorism, and is defined as the deliberate introduction of an animal or plant disease with the goal of generating fear, causing economic losses, and/or undermining stability."

Press Release: Department of Homeland Security Announces $49 Million in Grants to Secure America's Ports
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, September 13, 2004
As part of the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS's) commitment to enhance security at key ports and facilities, DHS has announced that it has awarded approximately $49 million to 154 grant recipients in the fourth round of port security grants. The Port Security Grant Program provides resources for projects to improve dockside and perimeter security of the nation's seaports.

A Focus On...
September 11, 2004, marked the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the United States. In honor of the lives lost and affected on that day, the Counter-Terrorism Web site has prepared a list of links that help commemorate those who fell and honor those who helped others.
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Counterintelligence Academy Courses

Various Dates, October–December 2004 in Alexandria, Virginia
The Counterterrorism-
Counterintelligence Academy is making 11 open courses available between October and December. Each 1-day course covers tactical and strategic counter-terrorism, counterintelligence, and security. The courses are open to U.S. citizens who are federal, state, or local government employees or private sector employees working for U.S. companies. The CT-CI Academy is the training arm of the Centre for Counterterrorism Studies and the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies.