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The Bipartisan Congressional Task Force to Combat Identity Theft and Fraud is a group of dedicated legislators working towards commonsense solutions to protect all Americans from hackers, scammers, thieves and fraudsters. There is no quick fix to protecting ourselves from scammers and identity theft. However, this bipartisan task force seeks to examine the scope of fraud and how best to address it with a thorough and thoughtful approach. We are committed to fighting these criminals with solutions to increase personal security for all Americans and increase the penalties and punishments for scammers and ruthless thieves. Through our bipartisan task force’s efforts we can fight for meaningful solutions. 

Recently Reported Scams

Mar 12, 2018 Scam Database
Feb 13, 2018 Scam Database

Source: FBI

Feb 2, 2018 Scam Database

Source: USA Today

Netflix users, beware.

The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Police Department is warning the streaming service’s millions of subscribers of an email phishing scam that’s trying to gather their personal information.


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