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Paul Ryan was elected to his first full term as Speaker of the House with little drama last week. If anything, headlines took note of a quick but funny exchange that happened after he was elected. But in the moments before he took hold of the gavel, Paul Ryan was focused on a more important role, as a father of three. That, and more, in seven photos below.

1. Look Your Best: Speaker Ryan shows his son, Charlie, how to tie a tie.

Fatherly Duties

2. Sons of Wisconsin - Sam, Speaker Ryan's youngest, meets newly-elected Rep. Mike Gallagher, who represents Green Bay.

Sam Meets Rep. Gallagher

3. Over There - Speaker Ryan and his daughter, Liza, look for the gallery section where the Ryan family would be sitting during the day's festivities.

4. Father Paul Arinze - For this special day, Speaker Ryan welcomes his personal pastor, Father Paul, to deliver the invocation.

5. "Hello, Mr. President-elect." - Speaker Ryan talks with President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence on the phone moments before he's elected as Speaker.

Speaking on the phone with President-Elect Trump

6. A Moment to Himself - As the Clerk of the House announces the results of the election, Speaker Ryan takes a moment to take it all in.

7. The Speaker of the House - Speaker Ryan raises the gavel in gratitude to the 115th Congress.

Click HERE to watch Speaker Ryan's remarks to the House of Representatives.