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Broadband Deployment:

Broadband investment provides substantial benefits to both consumers, small business owners, and the overall economy particularly in e-commerce, education, health care, entertainment, government, and almost every other sector of the American economy.  Given the important and widespread role broadband technology plays in our economy today, efforts should be made to provide access to everyone.

Broadband investment and services not only stimulate economic productivity, but also help create jobs.  Access to fast broadband services in communities large and small, urban and rural, will help promote business growth, encourage investment, and spur new job opportunities.  Congress and the Administration are working to expand universal broadband services, but much of that is contingent on establishing a clear national policy on broadband coupled with a commitment, both public and private, to invest in future infrastructure. 

SBIR Reauthorization:

Since its enactment in 1982 as part of the Small Business Innovation Development Act, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program has helped thousands of small businesses to compete for federal research and development awards. Their contributions have enhanced the nation's defense, protected our environment, advanced health care, and improved our ability to manage information and manipulate data.
SBIR targets the entrepreneurial sector because that is where innovation thrives. However, the risk and expense of serious research and development efforts are often beyond the means of many small firms. By reserving a specific percentage of federal research and development funds for small business, SBIR protects the business and helps it compete on the same level as larger ones. SBIR funds the critical startup and development stages and encourages the commercialization of a budding technology, product, or service, which, in turn, stimulates the U.S. economy.

During the 112th Congress, the SBIR program was reauthorized through fiscal year 2017.  This much needed reauthorization increased award sizes to adjust for inflation, significantly increases the commercialization efforts of the technology developed within the program, and greatly increases the number of small companies eligible to compete for awards.  The Committee will continue vigorous oversight of this program in the 114th Congress. 


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