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The health care reform legislation that became law in March of 2010 is full of bad policies.  Not only will this law dramatically increase the role of government in health care and trap Americans in a web of bureaucratic red tape, it is virtually guaranteed to crush job creation and stifle small business innovation nationwide. 

Entrepreneurs need certainty in this unsteady economy. Business owners are hesitant to hire workers, borrow money or expand operations because they are unsure whether a stable economic recovery is underway.  This uncertainty stems directly from damaging Washington initiatives like the health care takeover that threaten investment and growth.

Right now, employers are facing more uncertainty than ever as they try to understand how the health care law will affect their business and our economy.  The law, which the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected would cost more than $940 billion over the next decade, includes $569.2 billion in tax increases that will fall heavily on small businesses and other employers. 

The 114th Congress must now work together to help small business owners navigate the increasingly complex health care landscape.  

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