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January 3, 2017 Press Release

Rep. John Lewis made this statement today in protest against the House Republican changes to the rules:

Mr. Speaker,  I want to thank my friend, not just my colleague, but my classmate.  We came to this Congress together in 1987.  I want to thank you for your leadership, for never giving up, or giving in, but for keeping the faith.


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Health Care

I am delivering on the promise of health care for everyone. Health care is a right and not a privilege.


We must tackle our transportation challenges head-on, reducing congestion, planning smart growth, and promoting safety.
Jobs and Unemployment

Jobs and Unemployment

When I am in the grocery store or visiting community centers and local organizations in Metro Atlanta, there is nothing people talk about more than jobs.
Children, Women and Families

Children, Women, and Families

As a member of the Human Resources Subcommittee and the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, I have made a commitment to protect and improve the future of those in the child welfare system.
Voting Rights

Voting Rights

The right to vote is precious — almost sacred — and one of the most important blessings of our democracy. Today, we must be vigilant in protecting that blessing.
John Lewis Visits Grady

Zika Virus

Congress must provide all the funding necessary to fund a comprehensive response to this virus.