• Barletta Guides Highway Bill to Protect Safety, Stop Heavier Trucks

    Rep. Barletta supported a longer-term highway bill that avoids short-term patches of the kind Congress has passed three dozen times in recent years, while also securing important victories for safety and against heavier trucks.
  • Saving Taxpayers Billions of Dollars

    As Members of Congress, we have been entrusted with spending the taxpayers’ money, so we must always be willing to find new ways to achieve savings. In my subcommittee, we have already saved $2.5 billion through better management of federal real estate. We should approach leasing and renovation decisions the way private businesses would – with the bottom line in mind. That’s why I’ve been hosting roundtables across the country to hear directly from all interested parties about how we can get a better deal for the taxpayers.
  • Correcting an Injustice Against Our Nation's Veterans

    Our national military cemeteries are hallowed ground, and they ought to be treated that way. Our brave men and women have sacrificed so that we may remain free, and they should be afforded every right, privilege, and honor they have earned. The cemeteries we reserve for them should not be tainted by those who have been convicted of the most heinous crimes imaginable.
  • Become a Congressional Intern

    My Washington, DC office and district offices in Hazleton, Carlisle, Harrisburg, and Sunbury offer internships throughout the year. Congressional interns have the unique opportunity to learn about the legislative process and the many other functions of our nation's federal government.
  • Fighting Back Against Government Overreach

    For more than four decades, the Clean Water Act has worked as a strong partnership between the federal government and the states. The EPA's new definition of federal waters would force property owners to prove that large mud puddles and ditches on their property shouldn’t be federally regulated. I have been speaking with local farmers, land owners, and employers in my district, and they know they will now be facing higher legal fees, increased costs for doing business, and pressure to reduce hiring. Some say the EPA rule could run them out of business.

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