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  • Reid: Donald Trump Has Done Nothing To Heal the Wounds That He Created

    evada Senator Harry Reid spoke on the Senate floor today calling on President-elect Donald Trump to do something to end to the vile acts of hate and intimidation happening across America.

  • Reid: Nevada Was a Bright Spot on Election Day

    “The victories we saw last week speak volumes about the talent of the candidates and the people working to make sure these victories happen…”

  • Reid: Trump Must Rescind Bannon Appointment

    “We have a responsibility to be the voice of the millions of Americans sitting at home afraid that they are not welcome anymore in Donald Trump’s America…”

  • Reid Spokesman: Trump’s Threats Should Concern All Americans

    “Trump has always used threats and intimidation to silence his critics. Now he wants to silence a discussion of the acts of hate and threats of violence being committed in his name across the country. Silencing this discussion normalizes hate and intimidates the victims.”

  • Reid Statement on Veterans Day

    “These courageous men and women risked their lives to defend the United States and stand up for our nation’s tenets of freedom, equality and tolerance. They truly represent the best of America, and we honor them by continuing to stand up for those core beliefs here at home.”

  • Reid Statement on the Election of Donald Trump

    “The election of Donald Trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in America.”

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