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Adventures & Anecdotes

Adventures & Anecdotes Isaac Bassett was perfectly placed to witness the inner workings of the Senate. By the 1880s the elderly Bassett, with his long gray beard and stately bearing, had come to symbolize the gentlemanly, statesmanlike qualities that represented the Senate for many at its best. He freely entertained anyone who would listen with stories of the Senate in "olden times."

Webster Reprimands Bassett

"When Mr. Webster wanted anything he would call me. He became very much attached to me. On one occasion . . ." View Transcript »


John Davis

"John Davis of Mass. (honest John) when I was a page in the Senate called me up to his seat and asked . . ." View Transcript »


Turning Back the Clock

"Turning back the hands of the clock in the Senate Chamber. It has always been a mystery to me why . . ." View Transcript »


The Hole in the Wall

"Of the many distinguished persons who at the present day frequent the Senate restaurant during . . ." View Transcript »


Houston's Wooden Heart

"On one occasion just after the Senate adjourned, Mr. Houston was in his seat cutting a stick out of which he . . ." View Transcript »


Dress of Senators of Old

"They wore ruffled shirts and ruffled wristbands. Their vests was embroidered, their stockings were . . ." View Transcript »


Washington City when I Was a Boy

"As far back as I can remember all around the Capitol there was a perfect wilderness . . ." View Transcript »