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  1. Looking forward to joining on to discuss & gun violence prevention.

  2. What We Know Now about Benghazi

  3. Two years, $7 million, still no smoking gun on Clinton and Benghazi

  4. . decries Benghazi committee partisanship, politics via

  5. After two years and $7 million in tax dollars, the latest Benghazi report tells the same old story

  6. Republican Claims Not “New”: “Revelation” on Early Intelligence Assessment Addressed Years Ago

  7. GOP Claims Not “New”: “Revelation” on DS Selectively Quotes Previous Committee’s Interview From 2013

  8. Read my full statement on the release of Republican's partisan this morning:

  9. R's conduct of committee & report will go down as one of worst abuses of Congress's extraordinary investigative powers in history

  10. they issued their own addendum that is so blatantly political it should've been issued by RNC not a congressional committee

  11. In their report today, some Republicans felt that Chairman Gowdy didn’t go far enough in attacking Secretary Clinton...

  12. The partisan goal of Committee – to drive down Secretary Clinton's numbers – was demonstrated by behavior of the committee itself

  13. In an eight hundred page report which attempts to substitute quantity for quality, it adds little that is appreciably new.

  14. After $7m in taxpayer funds & 2 years, R's report fails to alter core conclusions of the 8 other investigations that went before.

  15. Republican Claims Not “New”: “Revelation” on No Miilitary Assets Deployed to Benghazi

  16. Republican Claims Not “New”: “Revelations” on Clinton Trip and Permanent Benghazi Facility Three Years Old

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