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Representative from Georgia's Sixth Congressional District and Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Washington, D.C.
Joined June 2007

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  1. + are running out of money. House Republicans are fighting for solutions to save & secure them.

    Fighting for Solutions
    Medicare and Social Security are running out of money. Their looming insolvency is a real threat to individual Americans and our country as a whole. More info:
  2. Obamacare is failing. Let’s try a Better Way. via

  3. New letter to Treasury: Increasing the tax burden on family businesses won't grow the economy. There is a

  4. . "Washington has tried the bureaucratic way, and it is failing. It’s time to try a ."

  5. Proud to cosponsor HR 1853. should be granted observer status in .

  6. Washington has tried the bureaucratic way, and it is failing. It’s time to try a . via

  7. Right now, our tax code looks like a block of Swiss cheese, full of carveouts and loopholes. Our plan puts an end to that.

    A Better Way for Taxes
  8. America’s tax code is too complex & outdated. is delivering a forward on pro-growth tax reform

    A Better Way Forward on Tax Reform
    Follow @WaysandMeansGOP for the latest from Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) and the Committee.
  9. BREAKING: FBI reopens Clinton email server investigation. Read my response HERE: →

  10. There is a to grow our economy, and it starts with getting government OUT of the way.

    A Better Way for the Economy
  11. Great to meet w/ . They’re hard @ work to promote biz growth in our local community. Thanks for having me & for all you do!

  12. Government has gotten out of control. After decades of overreach by both parties, it is time we restore our .

    A Better Way to Defend the Constitution
  13. Skip Wells was a proud , true American & Georgian hero. We are forever grateful for his service.

  14. In , 2017 rates are set to ↑ by another 33 % on avg. Time to ditch this broken law!

  15. : Unsuccessful. Unworkable. Unaffordable. There’s a to put YOU back in charge of health care.

  16. GA talks soaring health premiums & offers fixes; hammers Obama for blaming insurers, employers & GOP.

  17. premiums set to ⇧ on avg. by 25%. Unacceptable! Read my response & learn more here:

  18. A Better Way for Health Care
  19. It's time for . We need real solutions like a & to simplify the code & make it fairer for all.

  20. Have unneeded or expired prescription drugs @ home? It's so drop them off 10AM-2PM @ location near you:

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