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  1. who bravely answered the call to serve should not be punished years later through no fault of their own.

  2. Thanks for a great discussion in Elkhart about issues important to general aviation, which supports more than 22,000 Hoosier jobs.

  3. premiums are rising. We have a to repeal Obamacare & replace it with patient-centered reforms.

  4. receives her award from Linda Rogers 2015 State President.

  5. These impressive kids are part of a robotics team working out of & learning to be strong leaders and smart problem-solvers.

  6. Michael Blake was in the Army for 18 years & served in the Gulf War. Today I presented him the medals he earned, including the Bronze Star.

  7. I stopped by to thank staff, volunteers & president J.C. Watts for helping families in our community & fighting poverty.

  8. In Elkhart yesterday, & partnered with to provide food & essentials to 400 local families in need.

  9. Toured PaperWorks mill in Wabash yesterday & met workers to learn how they're good stewards of the environment & creating jobs for Hoosiers.

  10. In Wabash talking with members about how we're working to keep down energy costs for Hoosier families and businesses.

  11. Hoosier family farmers are the backbone of our economy. I'm working to protect them from runaway regulations & red tape.

  12. Have questions about Medicare? We have answers. Attend a “Medicare 101” educational session next week. Details here:

  13. Giving Bob his service medals is a recognition of his service and a reminder of the sacrifice of those who served but didn't come home.

  14. Bob Gast of Warsaw served his country in and was wounded in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. It's an honor to thank him for his service.

  15. Want to learn the basics of Medicare & have your questions answered? Attend our “Medicare 101” sessions. Info here:

  16. This Manufacturing Day, Hoosier manufacturers & their hardworking employees are keeping our economy strong

  17. Nappanee’s is driving innovation & growth with their products, including the first fully handicap-accessible motorhome.

  18. Visited in Nappanee to see a Hoosier RV manufacturer in action on Manufacturing Day.

  19. Next week my staff will hold “Medicare 101” educational sessions on the basics of . Details here:

  20. We're hearing from today.

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