Office Policies

The Office serves the committees, Members, and staff of the Senate, without regard to political party or consideration. All communications relating to legislation between the Office and Members, committees, and staff of the Senate are confidential.

The Committee on Rules and Administration of the Senate has established the following priority for requests received by the Office:

  1. Measures in conference.

  2. Amendments to measures pending on the floor of the Senate.

  3. Amendments to measures pending before committees.

  4. Preparation of original measures for introduction by Members of the Senate.

Within each category, the Office gives preference to requests in the order of the time of receipt.

The Office plays no part in the formulation of legislative policy. The only concern of the Office with policy is to determine the desired policy in adequate detail and with sufficient precision to enable the Office to draft a measure that is technically effective to carry out the policy of our Senate clients.

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