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acrobatCreating A More Efficient And Level Playing Field: Audit And Appeals Issues In Medicare
acrobatA Fresh Look At The Impact Of The Medical Device Tax On Jobs, Innovation, And Patients: Subcommittee On Health Care
acrobatNominations of Anne Elizabeth Wall, Brodi L. Fontenot, and Rafael J. López
acrobatCongress and U.S. Tariff Policy (April 16 - 21, 2015)
acrobatThe Affordable Care Act At Five Years
acrobatBuilding A Competitive U.S. International Tax System
acrobat Protecting Taxpayers From Schemes And Scams During The 2015 Tax Filing Season
acrobatTax Complexity, Compliance, and Administration: The Merits of Simplification in Tax Reform
acrobatFairness in Taxation
acrobatTax Reform, Growth, and Efficiency
acrobat Getting to ‘‘Yes’’ on Tax Reform: What Lessons Can Congress Learn from the Tax Reform Act of 1986?
acrobatPresident’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2016
acrobatPresident’s Fiscal Year 2016 Health Care Proposals
acrobatInternal Revenue Service Operations and the President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2016
acrobatPresident Obama’s 2015 Trade Policy Agenda
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