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U.S. House Committee on Financial Services – , Chairman. We're fighting for economic opportunity so taxpayers can achieve financial independence.

Washington, D.C.
Joined May 2009

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    "All government bureaucracies should be accountable to hardworking taxpayers." - on ruling

  2. While our economy has improved, many in don't feel it. We have a to grow the economy & create jobs->

  3. A for growth starts by reforming our tax code, improving access to capital, and restoring the rule of law.

    Hensarling Discusses the Better Way Agenda on CNBC
  4. Happening soon→ Chairman joins to discuss a to grow the economy for all Americans.

  5. We have a to lift up struggling Americans→ Chairman discusses it on soon.

  6. America’s economy is the greatest in the world, but with more than 94 million out of the workforce, we are far from our potential.

    A Better Way for the Economy
  7. Another sign rule leaves avg. investors wanting a secure retirement w/ fewer options & choices.

  8. Cronyism allows the well-connected to game the system. Our plan stops it. Learn more:

  9. Americans deserve an economy that’s more prosperous and a future that’s more secure→

  10. The fight to defend Main St. over Wall St. & gov't bureaucrats has never been more important.

  11. A for America's economy ends Wall Street bailouts and rewards hard work→

  12. Our economy can't succeed under the costly weight of government. Enough is enough. It's time for a at

  13. Unconstitutional is under strong criticism for proposal to keep consumers “in the dark" on investigations

  14. A for America's economy ends Wall Street bailouts and rewards hard work→

  15. There is a to grow our economy, and it starts with getting government OUT of the way.

    A Better Way for the Economy
  16. This is consumer protection? wants to keep consumers in the dark about investigations.

  17. RT to agree → Government bureaucracies must be accountable to taxpayers, especially those like the CFPB.

  18. Homelessness is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s a human issue and we have a responsibility to do our part.

  19. This is a make-or-break time for America.

    Make-or-Break Time for America
  20. In the CFPB’s brief existence it has already issued $2.8 billion in costs and added 16.9 million paperwork hours.

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