Cynthia Lummis

Representing Wyoming
  • Cattle Call: Oversight in the Fight for Wyoming
    Under eight years of President Obama, congressional oversight has been a crucial tool in the fight for Wyoming. As part of this effort, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee created a brand new Subcommittee on the Interior with me as Chairman to fight back against the unprecedented federal overreach in the West.

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  • Cattle Call: Leading the Western Charge
    Wyoming, like many Western States, has only one vote out of 435 in the U.S. House because of small population. Western Members must band together for the survival of our western culture and way of life and that is why I have served as the Chairman of the 54-Member Congressional Western Caucus. This Caucus was born decades ago as a way for westerners to speak with one voice on the issues that bind us: local control, private property rights, energy independence, and economic growth. In leading the Caucus I have communicated western values to easterners and during my time as Chairman, Members of Congress from New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana have joined us. Only together are we able to bring up our solutions to keep the West the beautiful, strong, and prosperous place we call home.

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  • Cattle Call: Wyoming Energy Powers the Nation
    Wyoming coal, oil, gas, and uranium quite literally keep the lights on in America and power the economy. Whether they know it or not, millions of America rely on Wyoming energy and the State of Wyoming relies on the revenue from that energy.

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  • Cattle Call: 8 Years on “Wyoming’s Committee”
    The House Natural Resources Committee oversees the federal agencies that own nearly half of Wyoming. In 2009 Rep. Lummis began her career in Congress on this Committee. At the end of this year, Rep. Lummis will finish her career as Wyoming’s sole U.S. Representative as the Committee’s Vice Chairman.

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  • Lummis, Walz Trail Bill Passes U.S. House
    H.R. 845, the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act, sponsored by U.S. Representatives Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and Tim Walz (D-MN) passed the U.S. House unanimously. Rep. Lummis gave this speech on the floor of the House in support of the bill.

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  • GEAR UP Students
    Rep. Lummis met with some college students from Wyoming in Washington, D.C being recognized by the GEAR UP initiative.

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  • Wheatland High School in D.C.
    Rep. Lummis met with a group of students from Wheatland High School while they were visiting Washington, D.C.

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  • WY 4H in the Nation's Capitol
    Rep. Lummis met with a group of Wyoming's 4H students, likely some of the future leaders for both the state of Wyoming and the nation.

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  • UW Pharmacy Student
    Rep. Lummis was pleased to meet with Justine (second from the left) a young woman from Lander attending University of Wyoming's School of Pharmacy.

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  • Christie of Riverton Visits Rep. Lummis
    Christie, one of five native youth leaders nationally recognized as 2016 Champions for Change, spoke with Rep. Lummis about her efforts and accomplishments in art, culture, volunteering, and leading youth in her community in Riverton.

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@CynthiaLummis Proud of dozens of #Wyoming witnesses who came to Washington to testify before my committees in my time in #Congress

@CynthiaLummis It is critical to maintain oversight of the federal government especially agencies that have big impacts on #Wyoming

@CynthiaLummis I shed light on how @POTUS minimum wage executive order is harming public land outfitters #Wyoming