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Congressional Profile

  • 435 Members
  • 5 Delegates
  • 1 Resident
Party Divisions
  • 246 Republicans
  • 186 Democrats
  • 0 Independents
  • 3 Vacancies
  • 100 Senators
    (Vice President votes in case of a tie)
Party Divisions
  • 44 Democrats
  • 54 Republicans
  • 2 Independents

Congressional Profile Resources

Membership Profile
The House Library compiles demographic data about the current membership of the House of Representatives and publishes downloadable lists of information including Members’ previous occupations, educational levels, and military service.

Member FAQs
Questions and answers explain the structure, operation, Leadership, and Officers of the House of Representatives, the requirements for membership, the nomination and election process, and the roles and responsibilities of Members.

Member Data and Demographics
The House Press Gallery provides a demographic breakdown of the Members of the House of Representatives and facts on salaries, term limits, and departing Members.

Search “the People’s House”
The History, Art & Archives website presents profiles of the 11,000 Members of the House of Representatives. Content is searchable through biographical, bibliographical, and research collection information.

Party Divisions
The political divisions of the House of Representatives from 1789 to present are illustrated in this chart that features the breakdown of Delegates and Members representing all political parties as well as the number of Representatives allotted each Congress.

Mapping Congress
An interactive U.S. map displays subsets of Members of the House of Representatives by state or territory, Congress ranges, and Leadership roles.

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