In a 21st century global economy, Delawareans are not just competing against other Americans for good jobs -- they are competing against an increasingly educated workforce around the world. By investing in innovation and building the industries of the future, the U.S. will continue to grow and maintain the world's leading economy. I support efforts to create a welcoming environment for business start-ups and new domestic manufacturing in the U.S., and particularly the state of Delaware. I also support policies to incentivize research and development, promote the use of cleaner domestic energy resources, and educate and train a first-class workforce.  I will continue working to attract quality companies to places like the Delaware Science and Technology Campus at the former Chrysler plant in Newark.

  • Making it in America: I am proud to support the Democrats’ Make it in America agenda, which includes several proposals to stimulate U.S. manufacturing and hold our trading partners accountable. Make It In America is focused on keeping America competitive; supporting small businesses; investing in infrastructure to support the flow of commerce; creating clean energy jobs; establishing innovative education policy; implementing smart tax policy, and creating more effective and efficient regulations. to help spur more private sector research and commercialization of ideas, I introduced legislation to increase and make permanent the Research & Development tax credit. And in an effort to ensure that products invented here are manufactured here, I coauthored legislation to provide companies with a 25 percent tax credit toward the construction of their first domestic manufacturing facility.

  • Promoting investment in America: I strongly support investments in basic infrastructure that is the foundation of our economy.  I helped introduce a bill to extend the successful Build America Bonds program, so that municipalities can affordably finance needed infrastructure projects. I also support the creation of a federal infrastructure bank and enactment of multi-year surface transportation and aviation measures that will drive investment, create jobs, and improve American competitiveness.  In 2012, I led a bipartisan group of more than 100 members of Congress in writing a letter to President Obama in support of a long-term infrastructure investment that would create jobs, improve the flow of commerce, and strengthen the economy.

  • Tax and regulatory relief: We must continue finding timely, targeted ways to facilitate our economic recovery. I introduced legislation to enable U.S. companies to bring back foreign earnings from offshore at a temporarily reduced tax rate – but only if they use those earnings to help create American jobs. I introduced a bipartisan proposal to ensure that Congress votes on a comprehensive package of regulatory reforms. This legislation would ensure an ongoing process by which Congress works with the Executive Branch to modify outdated and ineffective regulations, while maintaining necessary federal rules and safety standards. This will make it easier for small businesses to grow and create jobs.


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Name of bill: First State National Historic Park Act
H.R. Number: H.R. 624
Date Introduced: 2/10/2011
Description: Establishes a National Park in Delaware
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Name of bill: Research and Development Tax Credit Extension Act
H.R. Number: H.R. 1693
Date Introduced: 5/4/2011
Description: Increases the business research and development tax credit from 14 percent to 17 percent and makes it permanent to help stimulate economic growth.
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Related Co-Sponsored Legislation

Name of bill: Government Shutdown Fairness Act
Sponsor: Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA)
H.R. number: H.R. 819
Date introduced: 3/9/2011
Description: Prevents members of congress from receiving paychecks during a government shutdown.
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