I was wounded in the line of duty while serving in the Army. 

For six years, I tried to sort out my disability claim through the Veterans Administration (VA), without success.   

"Frustrated and not sure what other actions I should take, I asked Congresswoman Edwards for help.  Her office contacted the VA on my behalf, and after receiving assistance, I was granted 100% disability.  I even received a retroactive payment."

– Donald Washington 


I filed an I-130 petition for my wife and son in March 2014.  It was well over a year since I last heard from the National Visa Center on an interview date for my wife and son to be issued a visa.

Unfortunately, I have already lost time with my 2-year old son and was almost ready to leave the U.S. to go back to Nigeria so I could be reunited with my family. However, after contacting Congresswoman Edwards’ office for assistance, it was finally found that there was a technical error in the system that did not update my file.       

"I received an appointment date at the Nigerian Embassy and am ecstatic that I am finally a step closer to being with my family."

– Ebunola Oladeji


I received a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) saying that I had been overpaid in the benefits I was receiving. 

I reached out to Congresswoman Edwards’ office to see what could be done.        

"Thankfully, after my case had been reviewed, it turned out that the SSA owed me money.  I received my check shortly thereafter."

-Ms. Judy Jaudon



Rep. Edwards, Mr. Collins (far left), and his colleagues at Rep. Edwards’ 2015 Job Fair.

A few years ago, I attended the Job Fair at the Prince George’s County Sports & Learning Complex in Landover Md.

I had been unemployed for almost 3 years when this job fair changed my life.

I received four offers for jobs, but Batteries Plus stood out to me. Well, 4 years later I have advanced from Sales rep. to Master Tech to Asst. Manager and now Commercial Sales for all of Charles County.            

"Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards held another Job Fair on September 9th,  which I attended as a rep for my company to try to hire the next success stories like mine!"

-Antonio Collins


I was diagnosed with a form of Leukemia and would need a bone marrow transplant. 

Doctors said my sister, Grace, who is a citizen of Cameroon, would be a good match.  After her visitor visa was denied, I reached out to Congresswoman Edwards’ office for assistance. 

They helped me apply for humanitarian parole for my sister to come to the U.S., and worked with USCIS to clarify my situation after the U.S. embassy in Cameroon thought the documents were fakes.

“Thankfully, Grace was allowed to come to the U.S., and I want to show my appreciation and thanks to you and the entire staff."

-Mercy Nkesi


Earlier this year, I left federal employment at a federal agency with plans to return to a previous employer.  This company provides contractor support for the federal agency I left, and my top secret security clearance was an essential requirement for this career move. 

The federal agency would not transfer my clearance, nor would they explain their reasoning for their refusal. 

As a result, I faced the very real scenario of losing my home due to loss of income. 

"The help that your office provided not only helped me get back to work, but it prevented me from losing my home and becoming homeless."

-Tom Schillo


“My Father was a 100% disabled war time Veteran who died on October 20th, 2014.  My Mother’s income decreased by 80% after my father passed. My Mother has many medical issues and this was not enough for her to cover her basic living expenses and she was forced to move in with me and my family. Even then, her income didn’t cover her medications, medical supplies and basic living expenses. I filed a claim with the Veteran’s Administration in November, only to be told by the VA January that they never received the claim. I contacted Congresswoman Edwards office and they helped me prepare a Congressional inquiry to the VA. Within a few weeks, my Mother received all of my Father’s VA benefits that she was entitled to; including back pay benefits. This money allowed us to handicap fit our house for her and for her to pay for her much needed medications, supplies and basic living expenses. During this time of grief, it was a relief to be able to reach out to my Congresswoman and receive a much needed helping hand.”

“My family will forever be grateful to Congresswoman Edwards and her staff for their diligence and attention to our situation.” 

-Mary Heitger-Marek


"For the past 3 years I have waited to have my claims finalized with the department of veteran affairs. Once it was finalized the electronic funds payment did not post in my bank account. The department of veteran affairs assured me it would be be fixed in a matter of time.

Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, at day 27 I was in contact with Donna Edwards office, and by less than 3 days later I received my retroactive payments on time from the department of veteran affairs."

“Not only did I receive what was mine, it changed my life, and gave me a purpose to live again”

-Michael Johnson



“The Mayor and Staff at the City of District Heights would like to thank you for your recent visit to our community during your 'Economic Development Tour'. 

Your visit to our community spurred enthusiasm in the local commercial district and further connected the Urban Planning and Community Development Team with local small business leaders, further allowing our team to share additional resources and knowledge.”

“We sincerely appreciate your efforts to support our community on our path to future growth and sustainable development.” 

-The Honorable James L. Walls Jr.
Mayor, City of District Heights

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"On behalf of the students at Princeton Elementary School, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the school supplies that your office bestowed upon our youth.  Our students are our future and we believe that every opportunity is a blessing. 

Many of our students in need will benefit from these supplies that you so graciously donated.  Community partners and members of our government are indeed an important part of the success of our youth support is greatly appreciated."

“Thank you for your continued support and partnership for our youth.”

-HeNina Bunch

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