I am pleased to announce that my office is taking part in the first Congressional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Academic Competition, also known as the “House STEM App Challenge”. This new competition is designed to engage the creativity of students and encourage their participation in STEM fields. Established by Members of Congress is 2013, this competition is a nationwide event that allows students from across the country to compete by creating and exhibiting their software application (“app”) for mobile, tablet, or computer devices on a platform of their choice.

The competition opened on February 1st, 2014, and all entries must be submitted by April 30, 2014. Participants must be high school students who are at least 13 years old as of February 1st in order to enter.


After February 1, 2014, you may register for the competition in two steps (Note: ALL steps must be completed in order to be officially registered for the competition):


1)    Go to http://studentappchallenge.house.gov and fill out the Check Eligibility form. If eligible, you will be directed to the House Student App Challenge Registration form. Fill out this form, AND:
2)    Register and submit your entry on ChallengePost.com:

  • Go to www.challengepost.com and click “sign up” to create an account, or “log in” if you already have an account.
  • Once you have created an account, locate and register for the “House App Challenge” by typing “House App Challenge” into the Search box on the site.

Please refer to the “MD04 House Student App Contest Rules and Instructions” link below for additional information on submitting your entry and contest rules.

Questions? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.