Help With Federal Agencies

It can be difficult navigating the maze that is the Federal Government, but my office is here to help you connect with the appropriate Federal Agency.

You may be more  familiar with federal agencies like the Social Security Administration (SSA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Veteran Affairs Administration (VA), but below we have an alphabetical list of agencies where my office can be of assistance, and on each page some examples of the type of assistance provided and who on my staff to contact for help.

My office's role when assisting with federal agencies is to make inquiries on your behalf regarding your situation. This includes: finding out the status of a case, requesting additional information, and requesting an expedited response or decision.

While my office can make inquiries on your behalf, we cannot guarantee a positive outcome in all situations. It is important to note that my office does not have any decision making authority, and the respective agencies have complete discretion concerning decisions on individual cases.

If your particular issue does not fall under the jurisdiction of a federal agency, my staff will try to direct you to the appropriate non-federal agency, resources or services that may be helpful.

Before my staff can help with your specific case, however, you will need to fill out a privacy release form, which can be found HERE.

My office can contact the United States Customs and Immigration Services department (USCIS) on  behalf of constituents who have been unable to... read more

IRS Issues
My office can contact the IRS on behalf of taxpayers who have been unable to resolve a tax problem through normal IRS channels ... read more

Medicare Claims
My office works directly with the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services to resolve issues constituents may have when it comes to, Answering... read more

My office can assist constituents who are experiencing problems with obtaining passports.For example, we may be able to assist you if you need assistance more

Social Security Benefits
My office works directly with the Social Security Administration to resolve issues constituents may have when it comes to receiving Social Security... read more

During these difficult economic times, I know that many people are battleing unemployment. My office is here to help.  We can work with you and ... read more

U.S. Post Office
If you need help dealing with the United States Post Office, my office is here to help.  We can assist you with issues such as misdelivered mail, change of address... read more

The men and women who have sacrificed defending our nation deserve the highest quality care when they return home. Meeting their needs is a priority of mine... read more

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