Allen Askew - Graduate

Jun 16, 2011
Allen Askew
Allen Askew - Graduate

As a newly hired military aide to Rep. Lynn Jenkins of Kansas, Allen Askew had his work cut out for him. In the midst of a down economy, more and more veterans are reaching out for assistance with military benefits. Helping them was intuitive for Askew, former commander of a unit that helps wounded soldiers transition to recovery and civilian life. “As a commander, you’re taking care of soldiers,” Askew says. “This is a continuation of that.”

Family tradition all but ensured Askew was going to serve his country in the military. Askew is a third generation soldier, but he is the first in one respect. He’s the first to reach the rank of lieutenant. “I’m proud of being the first, but I know that I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” Askew says.

Askew completed a two-year fellowship in the Wounded Warrior Program, a fellowship program that provides employment opportunities for wounded or disabled Veterans in the House of Representatives. He now works as a district representative for Rep. Lynn Jenkins. 

During his Wounded Warrior Program fellowship, Askew served as a district representative in Jenkins’s Topeka office.  He did military and veteran case work, and represented the congresswoman to military, veterans and community groups. Most prominently, he helped military and community cooperation at area bases. “You’re bringing local, state and federal into the same room to better the community,” he says of his work on projects such as building a school at Fort Riley.

In his new full-time position, Askew is expanding on his work as a fellow and his career as a whole. “Throughout my career, I’ve been taking care of soldiers, and that is what I will continue doing,” he says. “It’s a continuation of my service.”