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Veterans Day

On this November 11, we celebrate those who bravely choose to put on the uniform and swear an allegiance to defend our Constitution. While Veterans Day is set aside on the calendar to honor the sacrifices of those that serve and their families, the commitment and dedication shown by our troops 365 days a year is the reason we enjoy the freedoms we do.

The stories of Americans answering the call to protect our country – even in the face of imminent danger – is inspiring and worthy of our reflection. We see this same courage in the men and women keeping our citizens safe at this very moment. Our democracy is only possible when patriots pledge to protect the ideals we hold firm – even if it means risking their lives.

Sadly, our country has not always been kind or respectful to our troops as they’ve returned home from overseas. Thankfully, times have changed and members of the military are now seen in the high esteem that they deserve. More can still be done to honor our veterans and keep the promises made to them. I will continue those pursuits in Congress.

To those members of our armed service on this Veterans Day, thank you.