Issues & Legislation

Accountability & Transparency
Throughout this year, major pieces of legislation have repeatedly been drafted, filed and then changed in the dark of night or behind closed-  ... read more

Growing up on a family dairy farm outside of Holton, I saw first-hand the benefits and challenges of rural life. Representing the interests of agricultural producers . ... read more

I firmly believe that one of the primary roles of the federal government is to keep its people safe from harm. I am committed to making sure . ... read more

With an increasingly competitive global economy, our places of higher education will become even more crucial in equipping the next generation... read more

Energy Independence
The recent surge in energy prices underscores the need for an all-of-the above approach to solving our energy problems.  That includes oil and gas, clean-coal, nuclear, wind... read more

Health Care
I am working in Congress to ensure that nothing stands between you and your doctor. There is no doubt we have a health care crisis on our hands.  We can either empower... read more

Illegal immigration has put a constant strain on our economic, legal, and national security interests. More than 12 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States.... read more

Jobs & Economy
There has been a lot of talk in Washington about fiscal responsibility lately. It is time for the rhetoric to end, and for Congress to be responsible with your dollars ... read more

Job Legislation Tracker
America is at a crossroads and House Republicans are committed to taking every possible step to spur job creation and get our economy back on track so that Americans ... read more

Second Amendment
Growing up in rural Kansas, I've known from a young age that as Americans, we cherish our right to keep and bear arms.  I am opposed to any legislation that unnecessarily infringes on this... read more

When seniors retire, they expect benefits that were promised to them to be there. They deserve nothing less. The federal government can’t be in the business of breaking promises, raising taxes... read more

The current tax code is too complex, too costly, and takes too much time to comply, frustrating individuals, families and businesses trying plan their future with reasonable certainty. The tax code has changed... read more

In 2010 export sales from Kansas totaled $9.93 billion and one out of every fifteen private sector jobs in Kansas is supported by exports.  Kansas companies involved in trade grow faster... read more

The men and women who have sacrificed defending our nation deserve the highest quality care when they return home. Meeting their needs is a priority of mine... read more