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Everyone who lives, works and travels in the Third District understands the importance of transportation. We need a comprehensive transportation policy plan for the 21st century that rebuilds our aging infrastructure, reduces congestion, promotes and encourages alternate transportation methods such as mass transit and finally one that strengthens our rail and waterway infrastructure.

As someone who drives on Interstate 494 each time that I am home, I know firsthand that congestion continues to be a serious problem. I support comprehensive transportation solutions that will alleviate congestion and improve the safety of our roads – and I will be a passionate advocate for vital needs such as upgrading and expanding Highway 610, Interstate I-494 and Highway 169, as well as investment in smart transit.

Congress will soon begin reauthorization of the federal highway bill which funds critical transportation projects across the country. My priorities in this reauthorization are to make major investments in our roads and bridges and make sure that the wasteful spending we have seen in recent highway bills is eliminated.

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