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Representative Bradley Byrne

Representing the 1st District of Alabama

Spending Cuts and Debt

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For more information concerning my work and views on Spending Cuts and Debt, please contact me.

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More on Spending Cuts and Debt

Jul 9, 2014 Press Release

Congressman Bradley Byrne (AL-1) offered an amendment to the Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies appropriations bill which would reduce spending by $1.7 billion.

Congressman Byrne’s amendment would eliminate the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program, which allows the government to invest millions of taxpayer dollars in high risk research and development schemes for “green energy” projects.

Apr 11, 2014 Columns

Our country is on an unsustainable fiscal course. On our current trajectory, the debt will reach nearly 170% of our national Gross Domestic Product by 2040. In just 10 years, we will spend more on servicing the debt than we will on national defense. With China already holding $12.3 trillion of our debt, a 47% share, there is no question we must take bold action to stem the flood of spending and debt that threatens to pull our country under.

Mar 7, 2014 Columns

Since arriving in Washington, I have been encouraged in conversations with other Members at the desire to work together to achieve positive results for our country. Although we don’t always agree, we share the common interest of building an environment for a healthy economy that will provide opportunities for good-paying jobs for our constituents. There is no question in my mind the basic fundamentals for action exist in this Congress. What has lacked so far is strong leadership.

Mar 4, 2014 Press Release

Washington, DC – March 4, 2014 – Representative Bradley Byrne (AL-1) issued the following statement in response to President Barack Obama’s budget proposal released earlier today.

Byrne said: “The President signaled in his State of the Union address that he has little interest in working with Congress to find solutions that will move this country forward. Today, he is doubling down on that approach, submitting a bloated liberal wish list that will do little to pay down our debt, create jobs, or provide for a strong national defense.

Feb 26, 2014 Press Release

Washington, DC – February 26, 2014 – Representative Bradley Byrne (AL-1) has cosponsored H.J. Res. 2, introduced by Representative Bob Goodlatte (VA-6). This resolution proposes a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prohibiting total federal spending from exceeding revenues unless approved by a three-fifths vote of Congress.

Feb 24, 2014 Columns

As your Congressman, it’s vital for me to have a finger on the pulse of our district, to be in the community listening to your concerns so I can better represent your voice in Washington. I said that if elected, I would work hard every day to earn the trust you have placed in me with your vote. That’s why I announced a series of 15 town hall meetings across our district. Last week, I traveled to Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Monroe, Clarke, and Escambia Counties to hear from you directly.

Feb 11, 2014 Press Release

Washington, DC – February 11, 2014 – Representative Bradley Byrne (AL-1) released the following statement after voting against a “clean” debt ceiling package.

Byrne said: “Our country continues to accumulate new debt without regard for the consequences. The President has shown no fiscal restraint during his time in office, running up historic deficits year after year. I strongly believe fiscal conservatives must continue fighting to hold the line on this issue for the future of our country.

Jan 17, 2014 Press Release

When the Founding Fathers formed our government, they put in place a series of checks and balances to ensure that no one branch could become too powerful and overwhelm the will of the people. The Legislative Branch, of which I am a newly sworn-in Member, is entrusted with the responsibility to conduct oversight on the Executive Branch. To provide effective oversight it is imperative we receive accurate and timely information from the Administration. This empowers the American people to make informed decisions.