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Revitalizing our Economy


Our economy continues to struggle and too many American across the country are either out of work or are unable to find full-time employment. One of my top priorities is creating a healthier economy and getting people back to work. 

Growing jobs starts with tax reform for individuals, families, and businesses. We need to make the tax code simpler, fairer, and more competitive to strengthen our economy.

Enacting pro-growth tax reform, lowering healthcare costs, and eliminating burdensome regulations will empower entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow and expand. And, it’s time for Congress to get its fiscal house in order by passing the line-item veto, balancing our budget, and eliminating wasteful Washington spending. 

We need a tax code that protects hardworking taxpayers, not special interests, by creating a simpler, fairer code without all the loopholes. Washington’s constant tinkering with the tax code – and its abuse of the tax code as a way to hand out special interest favors – has failed American taxpayers. The tax system is too complex and too expensive. It’s time for a real solution and a tax code that promotes work, savings, investment, innovation, and achievement. 

We must also recognize and embrace the global economy in which we live. New trade agreements and more exports create jobs here at home. We need to reform our broken immigration system to attract the hardest workers and brightest minds. And, future generations of Americans will continue to lead this economy if they are the best educated and the best prepared in the world. By encouraging our children to study fields like science, technology, engineering and math we can increase our competitiveness and harness American innovation to compete in the future and win in the global economy. 

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