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Restoring Fiscal Discipline to Washington

For far too long, Congress has spent money it doesn't have without any regard for the future. In fact, in just first my 60 days in office, I voted against $1.5 trillion in deficit spending. Unfortunately, Congress has continued to push for more spending and bigger government.

This generational theft has plunged us into a level of debt that will bankrupt our children and grandchildren in the years to come, unless we take action.

Simply put, Congress needs to be responsible with the taxpayers' money. The current fiscal situation tells the tale:

  • In the past year alone, Washington spent a record $3.5 trillion in its budget, ran a record $1.4 trillion deficit and pushed the national debt to a record of over $12 trillion.
  • The current budget plan would nearly double the national debt in five years, and triple it in ten years.
  • Beginning in 2012 the Government will spent $1 billion a day in net interest on our debt alone.
  • Congress recently voted to give themselves a higher borrowing limit, over $14 trillion, in order to cover more spending increases.

It's time to get serious about operating within a balanced budget, eliminating wasteful Washington spending and lowering our national debt. The time for avoiding the tough decisions has passed.

Families and small businesses in the Third District are making sacrifices and cutting costs, and it is time for Congress to do the same. You can rest assured I will continue fighting for fiscally responsible policies to shrink, not grow, our debt.

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