Ribble Statement on House-Passed Tax Extenders Package

Dec 3, 2014 Issues: Taxes

Washington, D.C. - Earlier today, the House of Representatives voted to pass a tax extenders package that renewed expired tax provisions. Congressman Ribble voted against extending these tax provisions. Below is a statement from Congressman Ribble:

"While there were many aspects of this bill that I support and have previously voted to make permanent, there are simply too many provisions that were included that provide little economic benefit to most American families and businesses. Additionally, this legislation only renewed these tax policies for one year, continuing the uncertainty that makes it difficult for anyone to plan for their long-term goals. Wisconsin manufacturers deserve certainty when they’re making investments in their facilities.

Wisconsin families deserve knowing what they can expect beyond a few months in advance. And Wisconsin taxpayers deserve to have a fair and transparent tax system instead of tens of thousands of pages of carve outs written by tax lobbyists for the well-connected. I believe Congress must get to work on genuine reform, allowing the debate to focus on lowering tax rates for the American people, fostering greater economic certainty, and eliminating 'crony-capitalist' provisions within the code."