Defending our Nation, Defending Marinette Workers

Congressman Ribble continues to work on behalf of the Marinette Marine built Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) for the U.S. Navy. These ships are vital to our nation's security forces as well as an effective use of taxpayer funds. Below is a summary of some of Congressman Ribble's efforts on behalf of these ships.

How much does the Littoral Combat Ship cost the taxpayer?

              The Littoral Combat Ship Cost Taxpayers Less Over Time

Ribble Actions Defending the LCS

Congressman Ribble is praised for his work defending the Littoral Combat Ship by the House Armed Services Seapower Subcommittee Chairman Randy Forbes. Click the video link to watch Chairman Forbes' speech. Forbes mentions Ribble at roughly 2:50 in the video.

On April 28th, Congressman Ribble sent two letters defending the LCS program to the House Armed Services Committee and the Appropriations Committee. The bipartisan letters were signed by nearly two dozen members of Congress, including most of the Wisconsin delegation.

To view the Appropriations Committee letter, please click here.

To view the House Armed Services Committee letter, please click here.

On February 6, 2014, Congressman Ribble led a letter with several lawmakers to President Obama detailing their concerns with the Administration's announcement to reduce the purchase of Littoral Combat Ships by 20. These ships are vital to our national defense as well as a bargain for the taxpayer. Below is an excerpt of the letter:

"The Department secured a fixed price contract in 2010 - locking in costs to the taxpayer over the life of the deal. When the block buy is complete after Fiscal Year 2015, the Department can negotiate a new contract that will take into account cost saving efficiencies associated with experience in building."

To view the entire letter, please click here.

On April 2, 2014, Congressman Ribble penned a letter to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee advocating for continued funding for the LCS. Below is an excerpt of the letter:

"The LCS is the rare military program that has seen costs decrease instead of increase over time...A large portion of the production efficiencies which have driven down ship costs are attributable to industry's investment in both yards...Both variants of the LCS continue to fill a strategic role the Navy repeatedly states it needs, both in brown and blue water scenarios."

To read the complete letter, please click here.

Testifying before Congress

Congressman Ribble also tesified before two House committees about the importance of the Littoral Combat Ship both to the U.S. Navy and northeastern Wisconsin workers. Click the pictures below to watch his testimony.

Congressman Ribble testifying before the Appropriations Committee on LCS.

Congressman Ribble testifying before the House Armed Services Committee.