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  • Rep. McKinley Introduces Bill to Help Hospitals Communicate

    "Over the past three and a half years we have met with hospitals, health care workers, patients and families and a common theme is the fact that medical records are not easily transferable between different hospital systems," said McKinley. "With all the technology available to us in 2014, this should be a problem that can be solved."

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  • Rep. McKinley Calls for Ebola Travel Ban

    "Combating the spread of Ebola requires an aggressive and coordinated plan," said McKinley. "Unfortunately the response thus far has been full of missteps and confusion and the American public is losing confidence."

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  • Rep. McKinley Highlights American Energy Abundance

    "The abundance of natural gas in our region can transform America's economy and pave the way for a renaissance in manufacturing," said McKinley. "We just need to make sure we don't get in the way."

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