Child care act, supporting working families, extended for six years

Nov 21, 2014

200 Northern Marianas families get help paying for childcare through the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act. Congress reauthorized the Act for another six years on Monday and the President signed the bill into law two days later. The Child Care Act provides the Northern Mariana Islands with over $2 million each year. The money pays some of the cost of childcare for low-income households, freeing parents to work or to train for new jobs. The reauthorization makes a number of reforms aimed at strengthening health and safety protections, so that mothers and fathers can feel sure their children are safe and well cared for. In addition, the law now provides more stability for families by continuing childcare support for at least a year even if parents’ income suddenly changes. Before, the law disqualified parents within a month, if their income rose above the program’s limits.