Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Representing the 23rd District of CALIFORNIA
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Natural Resources and Water

From natural gas to coal to oil, innovation and ingenuity can help lead our country down the road towards energy independence. But that requires more common-sense reforms to allow us to explore for these vital resources with cutting-edge environmentally friendly technologies so that the consumer can ultimately benefit. Additionally, for future generations, we should preserve and protect our natural resources, like the Los Padres and Sequoia National Forests in our community through common sense fire prevention policies.

Improving our local water infrastructure represents an investment in our safety and future. Our communities represent some of the fastest growing areas in California. As our communities grow, so should community development projects, which can be financed in part with our fair share of Federal support. Additionally, we should reinvest in California's future through needed water infrastructure advancements, like a peripheral canal, to hydrate our farms and communities with a reliable flow of water.