Congressman Kevin McCarthy

Representing the 23rd District of CALIFORNIA
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We need a forward looking agriculture policy that is both fiscally responsible with hard working American taxpayers' money and accountable to our country's need to level the playing field for American agricultural products in the global marketplace.

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A strong economy and good jobs are very important to our district and to my work in Congress. Learn more about my views on this issue.
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Learn about my work in Congress on Education issues.
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Learn about my work in Congress on Energy issues.
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Foreign Affairs

Learn my views on Foreign Affairs issues.

Government Spending

America's families have reached unsurpassed levels of prosperity with ingenuity and innovation. However, Washington continues to operate under the faulty policy of throwing more taxpayer money at inefficient programs.

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Health Care

Health care is important to our district and my work in Congress. Learn more about my views on this issue.


As a nation founded by immigrants, we should to continue embrace the individuals who wait in line and come to the United States legally to work hard and contribute to our society. However, we should not provide any amnesty that would benefit those who defy our laws and enter the United States illegally.

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National Security

Defense and National Security are important to our district and to my work in Congress. Learn more about my views on this issue.

Natural Resources and Water

From natural gas to coal to oil, innovation and ingenuity can help lead our country down the road towards energy independence. But that requires more common-sense reforms to allow us to explore for these vital resources with cutting-edge environmentally friendly technologies so that the consumer can ultimately benefit.

Social Security

Congress can make needed reforms to Social Security to give our children and grandchildren a brighter retirement future. Under current law, our children will pay Social Security, but when they retire, the Social Security Trustees estimate that our children will not receive their fair share.

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Learn my views on Taxes.
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Learn about my work in Congress on Transportation issues.

Valley Fever

On September 23rd and 24th, Congressman Kevin McCarthy organized a Valley Fever Symposium which was held in Bakersfield.  Attending and speaking at this symposium was Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden and National Institutes of Health Director Dr.

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Veterans Issues

Learn about my work in Congress to support our Veterans.