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Congressman George Holding

Representing the 13th District of North Carolina


Constitutional Principles

The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote the Constitution and I believe the Lord blessed their work. To protect our freedom, they gave the federal government limited powers – then they divided those powers between Congress, the President, and the Courts. Then they divided the powers of government again – between the national and state governments.

Economy and Jobs

Nearly five years after the financial crisis devastated America, families across North Carolina continue to struggle in a weak economy.  With hundreds of thousands of able bodied workers still looking for work and many more forced to accept only part time work, Congress needs to make jobs our number one priority.


Education is a key that can open the door to opportunity – which is important to families across America. But federal mandates – and hiring more Washington bureaucrats – won’t cure what ails our public schools. Right now, working families in North Carolina send tax money to Washington, then the Department of Education keeps part of the money and sends part back to North Carolina.


Our goal is to become energy independent. But, right now, the federal government is standing in the way of producing more domestic energy. Instead, Washington should be marching in the opposite direction – it should be encouraging more energy production right here at home.


For years the federal government has been creating new programs to ‘help’ families. That’s been Washington’s solution to almost every problem – a new government program. But it turns out many of those programs have backfired. The best way to help families is simply to reduce the burden on families – for instance, by cutting taxes.

Foreign Affairs

As a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, I am committed to protecting our nation’s interests and ensuring our nation’s strength – which includes providing critical oversight of our foreign policy, diplomatic efforts, and foreign aid.

Government Spending

By any measure, Washington has a spending problem. While families across North Carolina have had to tighten their belts, the federal government continues to spend historic amounts of money without a plan to address the long term debt. Our government cannot continue borrowing nearly 40 cents out of every dollar spent – spending of this magnitude is more than reckless.

National Defense

We live in an era when rogue nations are state sponsors of terrorism and new threats are emerging from all corners of the globe – so it’s common sense to have a military that can overcome any threat we face, whether the threat comes from terrorism or from a rogue nation with nuclear ambitions like Iran or North Korea.

Religious Freedom

Our Constitutional freedom to pray and worship God is the bedrock beneath the moral fiber of our nation. “In God we Trust” is not just a slogan. The roots of our freedoms run back to religious and moral beliefs – beliefs that have touched every part of American life throughout our history.

Tax Reform

If someone set out to make a tax code that was complicated, burdensome and inefficient, they’d be hard pressed to do much better than our current tax code.  In 2012, the National Taxpayers Union reported that it took Americans 6.38 billion hours to comply with the tax code – a massive waste of valuable resources.

Veterans' Issues

The sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform are the reason we today enjoy our freedoms. Ensuring our veterans past, present, and future – and their families – have the care they need is a fundamental way to acknowledge their sacrifices.