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As the mother of 23 foster children, I am committed to the improvement and support of America’s adoption and foster care systems until every orphan and foster child has a loving and secure home. As you can find below, my record in Congress clearly reflects my passion for America’s “forgotten children”. I love listening to the stories of so many families who, like me, have come to know the joy of becoming an adoptive and/or foster parent. Since coming to Congress in 2008, my voting record has been solidly in support of both the foster care or adoption programs across our country. Also as the House Co-Chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCA), I have been proud to help lead the way in Congress as many of my colleagues and I fight on behalf of orphans and foster children across the country.

It is vitally important America’s children are nurtured in strong families so they may grow to be the strong leaders this country so desperately needs. I encourage you to browse the page below. Here you can find out more about my record on these issues and, more importantly, can find the resources to become an active supporter of adoption/foster care issues.


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