Job Title: Veterans Case Worker

Apr 28, 2014

Job Summary:  The position is for a case worker in the District Congressional Office.  Primary responsibilities are to facilitate and coordinate responses to a wide range of requests received from constituents relating to federal agencies.  The portfolio of case work matter to be considered in this position include veterans, military, immigration, Medicare, Social Security, Federal employee, and other issues.  The case worker in this position would work closely with the case work coordinator and the Community Relations Directors in the District Office.   Case workers help constituents interact with administrative and government agencies by acting as facilitators, ombudsmen and, in some cases, advocates.  The individual holding this position is also responsible for keeping the Congressman current on issues of concern and systemic problems that may require his involvement to correct the situation

Job Duties and Responsibilities:  The incumbent for this position will serve as a facilitator between constituents and federal agencies as necessary as a representative of Congressman Posey (FL-08).  The caseworker will be required to communicate clearly with constituents about what can and cannot be done on their behalf by the district office.  The caseworker will be required to learn the laws, regulations and intricacies affecting a constituent’s case as well as the procedures and structure of Congressman Posey’s office regarding casework and employee obligations, as outlined in the Office Handbook and the House of Representatives' Ethics Manual.  When serving in capacities assigned outside of the office, including meetings with Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs), the individual will represent the Congressman, gather information on items of interest to our constituents, provide updates on the activities of the Congressman on topics of importance to the VSOs, and report on recommendations and or concerns raised at the various meetings for review by Congressman Posey.  Additionally, the employee will be responsible to perform other duties within the District Office as assigned by the Congressman, Chief of Staff, and the Chief of Staff in coordination with the Directors of Community Relations and case work manager.

Requirements:  This program is limited to veterans who have served on active duty since September 11, 2001, with less than 20 years of service and have a minimum 30% disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs.  High school degree required, some college courses preferred but not required.  Professional education through the U.S. military is highly encouraged.  Excellent communication and organizational skills.  Recent experience with and understanding of the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs structure, procedures, and policies.  Service-oriented, positive attitude, and strong teamwork ability.”

Salary:  Commensurate with experience.

Contact:  Interested veterans should visit for more information.   Please submit a resume, a copy of last DD214 issued and a letter from the VA indicating a 30% or greater rating to  Do not send resumes directly to the office of Congressman  Posey.