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Committees and Caucuses

The House Committee on Ways and Means

Congressman Paulsen is a Member on the House Committee on Ways and Means. The Committee is the chief tax writing committee and is tasked with framing the nation's economic, health care and trade policy.

Click here for Congressman Paulsen’s committee statements and committee news releases.

Medical Technology Caucus

Congressman Paulsen is the co-chair of the Medical Technology Caucus.  As co chair, he hears about advances in medical technologies and meets with those in the industry on a regular basis. This important caucus helps to drive down the cost of healthcare by improving the quality of information and making it more efficient. 

Other Caucus Memberships:

  • Charter Schools Caucus – Co-Chair

  • Congressional Wellness Caucus – Co-Chair

  • Friends of Norway Caucus – Co-Chair

  • Civility Caucus

  • National Parks Caucus

  • Land Conservation Caucus

  • Zoo Caucus

  • Diabetes Caucus

  • Rare Disease Caucus

  • National Guard Caucus

  • General Aviation Caucus

  • Law Enforcement Caucus

  • Financial Literacy Caucus 

  • Sportsman’s Caucus

  • Nuclear Issues Working Group

  • U.S.-China Working Group

  • Renewable Energy Caucus

  • India Caucus

  • Bike Caucus