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Congressman Larson’s Youth Cabinet consists of two high schools students from every high school in Connecticut’s First Congressional District.

How Seats are Filled

The office of Congressman Larson sends a letter to the Superintendent of a school system whenever a new CYC member is needed to fill a vacancy when a student has finished their term. Please note that all students, regardless of where they are at in their lives, are considered CYC members for life. We emphasize that frequently and in fact, the students who have finished their terms and who may be in out of state colleges, come to CYC meetings when they are in town. In this way the Congressman maintains a connection with each member.

Most often, we find that Superintendents leave the selection of students to the principals or guidance counselors in each respective high school. The decision on how to fill the seat is left entirely up to the discretion of the school system.

Youth Cabinet Student Selection

Because we believe that the CYC must fully represent all youth of the First District, we also ask for a selection of students who are involved in non-traditional school programs, such as those working toward their GED and/or engaged in a job training program.