Congressional internships provide valuable experience to interns and interns play an important role in my Washington, D.C., office or in my constituent service centers in Williamsport, Selinsgrove, and Hamlin.

The intern program can develop a student's interest in government, allowing him or her to apply knowledge already gained in the classroom. I am proud that the program also exposes students from the 10th Congressional District to a fast-paced, detail-oriented, and professional work environment that will help prepare interns for a successful career.

Throughout the year, each of my offices selects qualified college students to work along with my staff to aid constituents and assist with legislative briefings. Our office works with each intern to design a program to meet his or her interests and needs, such as earning academic credit and/or working in a specific area of interest (i.e. military affairs, communications, community and economic development, etc.).

The program provides a unique opportunity for students from or studying at colleges in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District to get experience in national affairs at the federal level.  In my office office, the pace can be fast and students should be prepared to meet a new challenge every day.


Tom Marino


Applicants for the 10th Congressional District Internship Program must meet the following criteria:
1. Only high school graduates are eligible to be considered.
2. Internships for credit may require more hours, depending on requirements of their academic institution.

Applicants must submit the following information:
1. A current resume.
2. One short writing sample, which displays the applicant's ability to express himself/herself and to think critically.

For internships in the Washington, D.C. Office, please email my Intern Coordinator Sara Rogers at

For internships in any one of the Constituent Service Centers located in the 10th District (Williamsport, Selinsgrove, or Hamlin), please contact Cathy Romaniello at