The Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) was created during the 104th Congress (1995-1997). The predecessor to the CAO was the Director of Non-Legislative and Financial Services.

The Chief Administrative Officer is nominated by the Speaker of the House, elected by a majority of House members at the start of each Congress, and subject to the oversight of the Committee on House Administration. If there is a mid-Congress vacancy the Speaker of the House may nominate a replacement to serve until the start of a new Congress.

Congress (Years)

Chief Administrative Officer

Date Elected

104th (1995-1997)

Scot M. Faulkner

Jan. 4, 1995


Jeff Trandahl

Nov. 22, 1996

105th (1997-1999)

Jeff Trandahl

Jan. 9, 1997


James M. Eagen, III

July 31, 1997

106th (1999-2001)

James M. Eagen, III

Jan. 6, 1999

107th (2001-2003)

James M. Eagen, III

Jan. 3, 2001

108th (2003-2005)

James M. Eagen, III

Jan. 7, 2003

109th (2005-2007)

James M. Eagen, III

Jan. 4, 2005

110th (2007-2009)

James M. Eagen, III

Jan. 4, 2007


Daniel P. Beard

Feb. 15, 2007

111th (2009-2011)

Daniel P. Beard

Jan. 6, 2009


Daniel J. Strodel

July 18, 2010

112th (2011-2013)

Daniel J. Strodel

Jan. 5, 2011

113th (2013-present)

Daniel J. Strodel

Jan. 3, 2013


Ed Cassidy

Jan. 7, 2014