Congresswoman Sánchez's top priority is to be of service to you. If you are a resident of the 38th Congressional District encountering problems with a federal agency, she wants to help! She employs a team of Constituent Services Representatives in her offices who receive many calls and letters each week from constituents seeking assistance.

Use this Guide to determine if you are a resident of the 38th Congressional District.

"Congresswoman Sánchez, can you help me?"

While it isn't possible to set aside federal laws, rules and regulations for an individual, Congresswoman Sánchez's staff and she can help Californians with misunderstandings, disagreements and other problems they are having with federal agencies. Although some cases can take longer to resolve than others, some requests for assistance can be resolved with a letter or phone call from her office.

Congresswoman's staff members work with all federal agencies. Some of the agencies her office contacts on a daily basis include:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Department of State
Department of Veterans Affairs
Internal Revenue Service
Social Security Administration
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

"How do I get your help?"

Most often, Congresswoman Sánchez can initiate a federal agency inquiry on behalf of constituents only with their express written authorization. Her staff can send the necessary form to you for your signature, and you should send a letter to her district office explaining your problem and giving her permission to make inquiries and receive information on your behalf. Click here to obtain a Congressional Authorization Form. According to the Privacy Act of 1974, this form must be signed and submitted before we can assist you with your case.

In addition, Congresswoman Sánchez's needs your full legal name, address, daytime phone number, pertinent case or file numbers (i.e.: social security number, alien number, USCIS receipt number, military service number, VA claim number, etc.). Copies of previous correspondence with an agency can also provide helpful background for her staff.

Please send your written requests for help to:
U.S. Representative Linda Sánchez
17906 Crusader Avenue, Suite 100
Cerritos, CA 90703
Attn: Casework Manager

OR Fax to: 562-924-2914

If you prefer, you can stop by her office and speak with a caseworker. Appointments can be made by calling (562)860-5050

Agencies can take four or more weeks to respond. A member of her staff will contact you as soon as we receive a response.

"Should I contact you or another Representative?"

As one of fifty-three U.S. Representatives for California, Congresswoman Sánchez represents the 38th Congressional District including the communities of Artesia, Cerritos, Florence-Firestone, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, La Mirada, Long Beach, Lynwood, Paramount, South Gate, Watts, Whittier, Los Nietos and Watts-Willowbrook. In addition, you have two U.S. Senators who represent the entire state.

When you contact Congresswoman Sánchez, it is important to let her know if you have already contacted another federal legislator. The chances of success do not necessarily increase if more than one federal legislator gets involved in your case. In fact, it can be counter-productive. Responding to multiple inquiries duplicates the work for agencies, leaving them less time to actually work on processing your case.

"Can you help get the potholes in my street patched, or lower my property taxes?"

Unfortunately, there are limits to the types of cases in which Congresswoman Sánchez can help. For example, it is prohibited as a federal legislator to intervene in an on-going legal or judicial proceeding.

In addition, she has no authority over programs administered by the State of California, even
federally funded programs such as the Food Stamps program.

She also cannot intervene in private matters or local issues such as zoning, property taxes and road repair that are under the jurisdiction of the city or county in which you live.  The following suggested contacts may be helpful in resolving local issues.

Local Government Issues:
Mayor, City Manager, City Council members

County Issues:
County Commissioners, County Supervisors

State Issues:
Office of the Governor, State Assembly, State Senate
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