Washington, DC- Congresswoman Linda Sánchez (CA-38) issued the following statement after President Obama announced he will issue executive action to provide relief and accountability for millions of immigrants living in the country:


“In lieu of Republican leadership on the issue, the President has rightfully decided to step up and address our broken immigration system,” said Rep. Linda Sánchez. “Executive action is a bold step in the right direction. It will allow government agencies to direct their attention to felons, not families.


The President’s actions are not unprecedented. Each President since Dwight Eisenhower has utilized executive action to enact changes to immigration policy. Although necessary, his plan is not a permanent solution and it remains incumbent on Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.


I hope the President’s actions provide the impetus needed for House Republicans to do their job and legislate on immigration reform. It’s time to show leadership without the threat of shutdown. It’s time for Congress to do its job.”


Congresswoman Sánchez addressed the President’s plan for executive action in further detail in an interview with CNN this morning. A full clip of her interview can be found here.